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We have something to offer that no one else can.

Here's the thing. Your wedding photographers are already a successful fashion photographer + a product branding photographer.


A team of two women who specialize in knowing how to make you look and feel your best AND be able to beautifully capture all the details of your wedding.

Details Matter

We understand the little things make all the difference. When we are on a set we spend hours styling just ONE shot!


We know the difference between a good and bad image is in the details. We pay attention to everything, to make sure the background isn't all the bridesmaid's clothes lying around and that your fiance's got the right buttons buttoned.

Magazine Worthy

We work with teams of people every day including art directors, prop stylists, makeup artists, stylists and assistants to create an image with purpose.


We both know what it takes to make something magical. We work together to create a seamless and beautiful story of your day. We believe in each other whole heartedly and have been a successful team who each brings something different to you. You can trust us to make sure you feel as pretty as a magazine cover.