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We create imagery, every day, with intention.

Both Katie & Jena work as commercial photographers with teams of stylists, art directors & talent. We enjoy working collaboratively for other brands! However we found we missed the creative freedom and challenges that weddings gave us.

So we bring our professional editorial skills to you, dear reader. Our years of attention to details, honing in our skills, what true vision and collaboration looks like is what makes your wedding so beautiful. So unique! 

Anyone is capable of taking candid photographs. But having the know-how to harness that full sun, to anticipate that one moment perfectly framed, to create magical light when there isn't any - is what we can do for you. 

The trust between us showcases in our work for you, as we each encourage to explore, quiet down and actually see the light, find the angles, and feel the day to create what's meaningful to you. 

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