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Jena Carlin

Photographic Artist

Jena is an accomplished commercial food photographer, videographer & prop stylist. She has a published cookbook and successful blog as Little Rusted Ladle.

She's been published on Martha Stewart, works for clients globally & creates some really magical branding work.

Katie Berg

Photographic Artist

Katie is a professional commercial photographer who works with stylists & makeup artists weekly to create beautiful imagery in the commercial world.  She set out day 1 to be a photographer & has been in the industry from the start, owned her own magazine & has been published in several editorials.

She recently bought a little sailboat & her favorite models will always be her two littles.

Together, we bring a passion for what we do, to you! Photography has always been a huge part of our lives. We both have college degrees in photography and are both working commercial photographers. Individually we have owned our own businesses, published our own magazines and books, and have successfully crafted our lives around our love of photography.

We met a few years ago on a photography set for a mutual client and have created imagery together for over 7 years. We have both since then started our own families and gone off to do wondrous things but keep coming together all for art's sake. So here we are, just for you.

Xoxo, Katie and Jena

P.S. In case you were wondering... CroĆ­, [kree] Gaelic noun | "heart"

P.P.S. We can't wait to meet you!